Registration Procedure

For New Students

Registration Procedure (New Students)

The Higher Institute of Technology, Business and Management Sciences warmly welcomes all freshmen to its campus for this academic year. All freshmen are required to follow registration procedures strictly. Tuition fees will be paid in three to four installments as will be provided by HITBAMAS in their payment plan.

 The registration procedures are as follows:

Payment of registration fees should be done at the bank (Azire Credit Union, Mmockmbie Credit Union or NFC bank) on presentation of admission letter and required documentation. A receipt of payment should be obtained and three photocopies made. The student’s registration number and intended program indicated on the admission letter should be clearly written at the top right hand of the receipt.

The deadline for the payment of registration fees by freshmen will be announced by a notice, by the President of HITBAMAS and all students are called upon to respect the deadline. Those who will not fulfill their financial obligations by the stipulated deadline will lose their places.

The original receipt and two photocopies, together with the admission letter should be presented to the school Accountant for clearance.

The Accountant will retain the original of the receipt while the three photocopies will be stamped and handed backed to the student. The student is entitled to keep one copy. This copy may be very helpful in case the student loses or misplaces his/her student identity card.

It is imperative for all students of HITBAMAS to undergo medical examination. A student will only be eligible after he/she must have registered under the institution. This medical examination can be done either from any government hospital or HITBAMAS Health Centre .

Test result and reports expected at the government hospital or Health Centre at the time of registration of freshmen are:

a.       Chest X- Ray

b.      Blood sugar level

c.       Blood pressure

d.       Vision

e.       Hearing

All these tests should be done either in a Government Hospital or at HITBAMAS’ health Centre. Fresh students who opt to do the tests at HITBAMAS’ health Centre will pay a fee of 5.000FCFA. The test results should be sealed marked “CONFIDENTIAL” addressed to the head of the Health Centre, of HITBAMAS (for the time being it should be addressed to the President of HITBAMAS).

The schedule for orientation will be published by the administration. All freshmen must undergo orientation before they are issued with course registration forms. Students will be issued with tickets as proof that they have undergone orientation.

The photocopy of fees receipt should be presented to the Registrar’s Office, together with the medical results from any government hospital or HITBAMAS Health Centre and the Orientation ticket for the issuance of registration forms and subsequent registration for a program. Students should take note that HITBAMAS will not register any student without these three documents

HITBAMAS shall produce ID cards for the students


Students shall collect the Registration and Educational Background Forms for registration from the Registrar’s Office. A student shall complete his/her form, attach all the required documents and submit.

Full name (as they appear on birth certificates) must be used at all times. Registration is not complete until all complete forms are submitted personally and receipted for by the return of a signed copy of the form by the Registrar. Students who fail to register shall not be allowed to sit for any examination. Where the students sit for the examination, the results will be cancelled and in addition he/she may face disciplinary sanction.


The identity cards are valid for the duration of the program. It is imperative that students keep their cards in good condition and carry them at all times. Replacement cost in case of loss or destruction is 5.000F.

Students whose ID cards have expired will be required to report to the Registry with their expired cards.

For those who have lost their ID cards must present their documentation (photocopy of their school fees receipt showing payment of their registration and part of their tuition fees) and make a deposit of 5.000F at the Accountant Office for replacement