About Us


An Overview

The HITBAMAS University operates a purely Cameroon-based curriculum to provide quality education in almost every field of study specially targeted for young Africans around the continent. HITBAMAS is a vibrant Institution which shapes their students to be remarkable professionals ready to contribute to the nation building while structuring core values.


HITBAMAS equips its students with the necessary theoritical and practical knowledge required to take greater responsiblities in their various professional domains. Inspired by the anglo-saxon system of education, HITBAMAS seeks to foster the essence of diversity and bilingual traditions in the Cameroonian context.

Our History

The Higher Institute of Technology, Business and Management Sciences was created in 2016 and chartered in 2019. It started effectively in 2020. HITBAMAS boldly started with 58 students enrolled in 2 schools. HITBAMAS currently has 5 schools running from Diploma, HND, Bachelors and Masters. The Campus is located at Simbock-Yaounde, at Jean-Jauress Toiture Rouge precisely.

HITBAMAS is the brain child of Mrs. Martha Beyang Egbe (PHD), Embedded in her undying wish to make learning become the changes students actually desire. Dr. Martha has gone ahead to materialize this dream with her board and a team of professionals. A great relief to all African students.



HITBAMAS offers a dynamic and flexible learning environment which allows students to be able to think critically and creatively. We do this by offering goods programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including Diploma and certification programs.

HITBAMAS can boast of its clean and well equipped environment providing students with every material and resource they need to be successful in the future. We also make sure our student have a unique experience by implementing social activities for recreational purposes.


HITBAMAS student
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Certificates delivered by the University of Buea

Patronage by State University

100% success in all HND Fields

Courses taught by Masters & Ph.D Holders with years on experience

Our Reviews

During my search for the best private universities in yaounde, I came across the University of HITBAMAS which was one of the few universities to offer a Degree with specialization in E-commerce & Digital Marketing. The reputation of the university was also very good amongst all career advisors, hence, my choice was very easy.
Mbi Bocav
Mbi Bocav
EDM HND Student
I have been a student at the University of HITBAMAS for 2 years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The lecturers are very reasonable and fair. The staff is excellent and the rules keep the school in order. There is an equal balance between the theory and practical scheme of work which makes learning more fun.
Ngoune Alicia
Ngoune Alicia
EDM HND Student

Our Mission

📌Firstly, HITBAMAS shapes their students to be remarkable professionals ready to contribute to the to nation building while structuring core values.

📌Secondly, we build the capacity of students allowing them  to think creatively and critically.

📌We also provide students with the potential to identify and systematically analyze the problems affecting humanity.

📌We equip our students with the necessary theoritical and practical knowledge required to take greater responsibilities in their various professional domains.

Our Vision

📌HITBAMAS for transformational education of national and international standards

📌HITBAMAS for professional, ethical, and efficient students for the job market

📌HITBAMAS for quality education at the undergraduate and post graduate levels towards high-caliber business, management and technology professionals

📌HITBAMAS for experienced staff in professional and international community education systems