Do you want to make a carrier out of Electrical power system? You are at the right page at the right time!! In the paragraphs below, i shall highlight everything you need to know about  making career in Electrical power system.


In 1752, Benjamin Franklin, an american scientist  did a famous kite experiment. Firstly, He purchased  a key and made a kite. He later on tied the key to his kite and placed it out in the storm. Lastly, he carried out this experiment to proof that static electricity and lightening are all thesame. This was the beginning of Electricity. H eis known as the father of electrical power system.

As years went by, scientists found different ways to innovate electricity. One of them was Thomas Edison, 1879. He made the first light bulb. It is a very reliable and long lasting bulb.

Also, another scientist which you probably know is the british scientist Michael Faraday, 1820. Although he isnt the first to discover electricity, he is named the Father of electricity. He discovered the fundamental principle of electricity generation. His methods are still of use till date.

So, what  is  Electrical  power  system ?

Electrical power system refers to an interconnection of electrical components used to supply electrical power. Also, it transfers to the machine needed. A typical example is an electrical grid that provides power to industries.

We see that Electrical power system is plays a very important role in our day-to-day lives. So, it is veri important that we study it.

In the paragraphs below we are going to answer a majority of questions that many of those who aspire to be electrical engineers mostly ask.

This is a question that most young Engineers frequently ask and the answer is YES!! The average annual salary of an Electrical engineer is about  $101,600, according to the BLS. Also, it is said the only job that pays more than this is Aerospace engineering. So, electrical engineers earn enough money.

To become an Electrical Engineer, students need 4 years of full studies to complete a degree in EPS. Furthermore, to complete a Bachelor’s degree, participants will need to complete 120 semester credits.

The overall employment of electrical engineers has ben projected to grow at a rate of 3% from 2019 – 2029.

There are several colleges that offer Elecrical power system in cameroon namely;


training in electrical power system


The best school in Cameroon where you can study Electrical Power System is HITBAMAS(Higher Institute of  Technology, Business and Management Sciences).

HITBAMAS(Higher institute of Technology, Business and management Sciences) is a private university with experienced teachers.  Also, they have professionals lecturers whose aim is to empower their students with knowledge in order to be the change they desire.

Furthermore, this institution is located at Simbock and offers Engineering courses with Electrical power system. Therefore, this institution is seen as the leading institution when it comes to electrical power system. This is because their lecturers are well trained. Also, they master the field in which they teach.


HITBAMAS is located at simbock which is a very  quiet and adequate place for studies. It is well secured in a confined environment.This avoids any sort of violence inwardly and outwardly.


HITBAMAS(Higher institute of technology, business and management sciences) has a well equiped laboratory. Also, it enables students to freely access the internet which facilitates research.

Also, HITBAMAS(Higher institute of technology, business and management sciences) has a very equiped library with books on the various fields which the school offers. This enables students to go there during their free periods to carry out research.

HITBAMAS(Higher institute of technology, business and management sciences) posseses one of the best  and qualified lecturers in yaounde. They are always at their student’s disposal any time they don’t understand a particular course. Also, they go as far as sharing out their numbers and E-mail adresses to students to easily contact them at any particular time they face difficulties when carrying out their research.

HITBAMAS(Higher institute of technology, business and management sciences) provides its students with snacks and cofee during their leisure time. They also have clean and purified water which prevents students from aquiring any disease