In Cameroon, a bachelor’s degree is a certificate issued to university graduates after the completion of a 3 years of studies in a particular course. Bachelor’s degree was first intoduced in 2007 by some Cameroon education thinkers like Titanji, Tchombe, Nnane.

In Cameron the 2 main types of bachelors degrees that exist are  Bachelors of Science (bsc) and Bachelors in technology (btech). In HITBAMAS we do offer all these certificates to our students.

 A bachelor’s degree is more than an HND  certificate. Bachelor’s degree focuses on learning by doing. At this stage you are learning critical thinking, analyzing and mastering of your domain or field knowledge.

You will obtain a Bsc if you deal with a specialty that has to do with sciences like nursing, pharmacy, management scineces, marketing etc meanwhile Btech is when you do a faculty in engeneering technology like software engineering, ecommerce technology  and many others.

Why get a Bachelor’s degree?

  • It boosts up yourself esteem. When you go to an organization or company for a job and you have a bachelor’s degree, you are in high self esteem and confidence than someone who has an HND. Also, you will find it easier talking infront of people and interacting with other people in the active world as you know ypur in the intellectual level is grown up and you are  of level to talk with them.
  • Provides you with more job opportunities. In most enterprises today recruiters tend to want to choose someone with a higher educational level that someone with a low educational level. In that line you who has a bachelor’s degree has much more chances of getting a job over some one who has less than you. Also, a bachelor degree provides you with the intellectual and professional skills required to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Higher income earnings. Investigations have proven that someone with a higher certification level mostly if not always tends to have a higher salary than someone with less qualification level. Furthermore you will have a greater salary if you have a greater certification level. So come get you bachelors degree at HITBAMAS.
  • Personal growth. Having a bachelor’s degree is not only for certification purposes but it is also for personal reasons. A bachelor’s degree will give you the necessary abilities firstly to express infront of people, to understand company needs better, to manage time better, to understand the professionalworld better and a lot more of other things.

A bsc is a 3 year program that studies mostly pure science and is broad and theoritical and is more of a study oriented course. It also has more courses than btech. Meanwhile btech is a job oriented program that las ts for 4 years and deals more with applied sciences it is less theoritical and more practical but also more demanding than a bsc. Consider this difference in your choice at yoour bachelors

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