A computer laboratory is important in every institution in order to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students. HITBAMAS computer lab is well-equipped with enough computers and a WIFI  accessible to every student in order to make them interesting and enthusiastic about technology and science.

With this computer lab,  students can invest their free time in learning programming, automation, and improving basic computer skills. That will help them later to define their career goals, entrepreneurship, and job opportunities. For skills development, students need to practice. And to do that effectively they need a computer lab To practice what teachers have taught in the class, they need a computer lab.


Our school canteen is an important educational resource. It has an important role in the provision of food to our students and the school community as well as being an integral part of the school environment.

The school canteen reflects the educational goals of the school and supports and complements student learning. When consumed daily, the food provided through the school canteen may comprise a third of a student’s total daily intake and have a significant influence on their health and nutrition. We do provide a wide variety of food at a quite affordable price. 


 Club activities are complementary to academic education. In other words, academic education is incomplete without co-curricular club activities. Club activities in schools will benefit students in multiple ways.  

HITBAMAS cluds help students to be able to connect with the community through shared interests, allow students to take on leadership roles, and give them the opportunity to dive into an interest, whether as a club leader or a member.

We  generally carry our clubs activites on Fridays from 1 to 3 pm. These clubs include


Here, students can develop their skills in football, Basket ball and any other sport activity


Here, activities are to develop technical skills in students. Technical skills refer to the knowledge and abilities to work in specialized tasks. This will help them to put into practice the various skills they acquired during lectures.


Our Singing Club is the ideal place for beginners to build confidence and potential while singing. We have instruments to build the different skills of our students and make them experts.


HITBAMAS Bible club has one main goal that is to help students develop their oratory and teaching skills through services. Provide fun activities after school where students develop strong enriching friendships.


The HITBAMAS social club is aimed at organizing all the events or ceremonies in the school environment. Such ceremonies could be matriculation, graduation, youth week activities, and many others.


Cisco Systems is a leading networking company best known as a manufacturer and vendor of networking equipment. The company also provides software and offers related services. In this club, students can acquire skills in computer networking and can have the possibility to be trained and gain their CISCO Certification.