Education is a subject of discipline which deals with the studyo of the process of learning. It studies the methods, techniques and theories used in helping others acquire knowledge.

At HITBAMAS, we offer many Education fields such as: Vocational guidance and counselling, Education psychology, Curriculum studies and teaching, Educational measurement and evaluation. In HITBAMAS we don’t only care about educatig people but we aslo care about educating people who can educate others. That is why HITBAMAS trains you in the field of education. 

Surely one of the oldest jobs in the history of mankind  but surely a field of studies which can never be erased. This is because people will alwys need to be taught and the education field in HITBAMAS is here to perpetuate that.

Why study EDUCATION?

  • Education is a field whose skills will always be needed
  • It is an inter-disciplinary field. Because it can be combiined with other filed of studies.
  • Education makes you understand human behaviour and society development 
  • The field of education can be very rewarding as most preople are able to live a confortable life out of that.
  • After learning education you have a variety of job opportunities opening to you.


hitbamas building

The Higher Institute of Technology, Business, And Management Sciences is the ideal place for you to study education. With not only good infrastructure but also quality lecturers who put all their know-how at your service. After your HND you can specialize in 

  1. Vocational guidance and counseling.
  2. Educational psychology.
  3. Curriculum studies and teaching.
  4. Educational measurement and evaluation

Our facilities

  • A canteen with available menus at affordable prices 
  • A clean and secured school environment.
  • A multimedia center with wifi available to everyone
  • .A well-trained available staff.
  • Internship places available to each student and offered by tthe school.