What is HND ?

HND standing for Higher National Diploma is a level 5 certification. It originated from England and Wales in 1920 alongside the Ordinary National Diploma and the Higher National Certificate. In the same way, the same title is given in Nigeria, Argentina, India, Ghana, Kenya, and other countries that have links with Britain. It is given to graduates after two years of studies. The HND program was thereby adopted by all Common Wealth nations. Cameroon introduced it in 2002 by ministerial order No 02/0069/MINESUP/DDES.

In Cameroon, HND is a certificate that is sought by GCE A-level owners. The HND is ailed at imparting students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for employment. A good HND is based on learning by doing.

While in the HND program you have three types of courses that you deal with. General, Foundation, and Professional courses. General courses are courses that everyone in the HND program no matter the field ought to do. Foundation courses are courses that are interdisciplinary and are aimed at giving students a general mastery or background in business. On the other hand, Professional courses are courses applicable to particular departments and which is their specialty subject.

Each year an HND examinationsession is opened by the National Organisation for HND backed up by the ministry of higher education for candidates willing to write the exams. The candidates are to set up documents that will be taken to the ministry and they are to pay a fee for the exams. At the end of the examination session, each course result will be published together with the names and results of each candidate 

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  • HND gives you the necessary skills and knowledge needed to enhance you to the employment position you desire.
  • Helps you gain professional skills and professional experience so as you are able to handle certain situations presented to you on the field after your  HND program.
  • You can further your studies to a degree program.


HITBAMAS offers tuition for a wide range of fields and specialties. The specialities offered by us in this field are:

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