What Is a Managed Security Service?

A managed security service is a service that takes care of several cybersecurity-related tasks, such as detecting breaches and minimizing damage. This includes 24/7 monitoring of a company’s information systems including patching software, updating hardware. It also involves monitoring suspicious activity and analyzing logs to ensure that data is protected from cyberattacks. MSSPs are third party providers who offer more advanced capabilities than a team in-house. They can assist businesses to develop cybersecurity expertise and save money by not requiring full-time staff. They can also reduce risk and fatigue among the in-house team by implementing automated incident response.

The best managed security services are able to identify and respond to threats at an early stage prior to them having the potential to cause serious damage to a company. This is accomplished by constantly checking the behavior and patterns of hackers and malware. These information is used to defend the weak points of a system and to identify potential attacks. This can stop or at the very least reduce the effects of a security breach and ensure that stolen data is retrieved.

It is vital to select an appropriate security program managed by a professional that is customized for your particular business. Ask vendors what services they provide, how much they cost and what assurances they offer. For example, some companies have a flat rate for security assessments; other companies have a tiered approach in which certain volumes of data are free and larger volumes are charged extra. You should also know what is included in the monthly or annual subscription to an MSSP.


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